To help people turning their liabilities into assets by activating their regular sim into a money making machine. allowing them to sell load of Philippines top mobile networks such us SMART,GLOBE and SUN CELLULAR and improved their livelihood to have financial independence and achieved their dreams thru network marketing.



To Achieve excellence in providing Legitimate extra income to more filipinos.

Why ICON is a Good Business for everyone?

✔Product is Necessity (Basic Needs)

✔Huge and Expanding Market

✔Very Minimal Capital

✔One-Time Payment

✔No Renewal Fee

✔No Sales Quota

✔No Load wallet Expiry

✔Lifetime Investment

✔Competitive Compensation Plan

✔Generous Company

✔Real & Long Term  Business

✔No Hyping, only Reality

✔No Hard Selling

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Contact us Email:john.aeronvelasco@gmail.com Cp:09193888972 09284981928